Lighting & Event Design.

Lighting pieces everything together and makes a great event spectacular. Add some color wash uplighting to your walls or brand your company logo with Ellipsoidal Projection

Uplighting Color Wash
Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your room or event center. Up Lighting will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event .
Screens & Projectors
Project a video montage at your wedding or rent and set-up Laptops, Plasma Televisions, and Remote PA's for your next corporate event.
Table Pinspot
Pinspots/Spotlights - Can be white or in color and are used to accent table tops, centerpieces, props, food tables, and tradeshow booths.
Camera & Photography Lighting
Are you having a photo shoot or fashion event and need lighting? We offer a wide variety of lights for Photography & Video production.
Initials & Gobo Projection
Ellipisodials project images or patterns. Gobos Project images, names, and patterns. We can custom design Steel or Glass Gobos.
Dancing Lights
Choose from a wide variety of Multi-Colored L.E.D Intelligent dancing lights, Lasers, Fog, & Bubbles and turn your event into a Nightclub.
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